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Get ready to cast amazing color-changing spells with three enchanting tubes of potion powders – just add water, and the magic begins! Wave your wand, utter secret incantations, and watch in wonder as your potions morph from purple to blue, pink, teal, and back to purple, with fizzy and hissy surprises along the way!

Inspired by the magical color-changing palettes of unicorn manes and fairy wings, supercharge your potions with miniature crystals, tiny seashells, rainbows and mystical herbs.

Discover the mesmerizing science hidden within nature's ancient enchantments, and learn how to brew more color-changing spells using everyday ingredients easily found in any witch's lair.

Crafted with 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients, you can share your potion's magic with the garden when finished. And don't forget to keep the mini enchanted crystals and seashells with you for moments when you need an extra dose of magic.

**What's Inside:**

- Potion Notebook

- Starlight Pencil

- Chalk

- Droppers

- Crystal Ball

- Candle

**Plus, 3 Color-Changing Potion Vials with Magical Enhancements:**

- Moonbeams

- Rainbow Drops & Seashell

- Sunshine

- Fairy Bells

- Crystals

- Spun Starlight

- Unicorn Hair

- Cloud Essence

- Herbs, Petals, and Leaves from the Forest

Record the secrets of potion-making and enchantment in your potion notebook. Unveil endless possibilities for potion play!

**Recommended for Ages 5+**

*Choking Hazard: Contains small parts, not suitable for children under 5 years of age.*

*Non-toxic and not for consumption. Adult supervision is a must at all times.*

Get ready for a world of magical fun and color-changing wonders! 🌟✨

Color Changing Potions Kit

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