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About Wild Wing Collective

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Deragon

Residing amidst the serene beauty of Petaluma, Cole commands attention with their colorful pottery, where whimsy meets practicality. Their creations, ablaze with vibrant hues inspired by Sonoma County's natural palette, redefine the essence of functional art.


Beyond the pottery wheel, Cole's talents extend into the realm of herbalism. Crafting syrups, vinegars, elixirs, and bespoke tea blends, they infuse each creation with the medicinal herbs and spices, captivating the senses with their concoctions.


When not immersed in their studio, Cole is a culinary enthusiast, an intrepid explorer of nature, a dedicated rockhound, and a purveyor of everyday magic. Their work reflects their multifaceted persona, each piece a testament to their passion for life's simple pleasures and the enchantment found within. In Cole's hands, pottery becomes a conduit for the celebration of artistry, craftsmanship, and the beauty of the world around us.

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