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Avocado Toast Recipe



  1. Toast bread to a nice golden brown, spread with a good salted butter, and rub with the cut side of the garlic clove to create the perfect base for my avocado toast.

  2. Add avocado, salt, SB Elderberry Sipping Vinegar, pepper, and Dijon. Mash until creamy but still a little chunky.

  3. Spread generously on your toasted bread.

  4. Time to top your toast. This is where you add the finishing touches to your pièce de résistance. Place the tomato slices strategically to ensure you get the best tomato/avocado ratio per bite. Drizzle a little balsamic reduction and poppyseed dressing over the tops. Finish your avocado toast with more fresh cracked pepper and a light sprinkle of fancy salt (think truffle, black, spicy, or flaky salt).

Tips for next level results:

Pick good Avocados

You want ripe but not over-ripe Hass avocados. Look for avocados that yield a bit to a gentle squeeze, but avoid using avocados that are mushy or stringy on the inside. If you run into any bruised or brown bits when you cut them open, scoop those out and discard before mashing the rest.

Use high quality rustic crusty bread

I love a rustic loaf. For this recipe I used the tart cherry and pistachio bread from Troubadour in Healdsburg.

Don’t slice, MASH!

Mashed avocados are creamier and have a better “mouth feel” than sliced avocado (think guacamole vs. plain avocado). Save yourself the headache and mash it in a shallow bowl or plate, not on the toast itself. If you try mashing it directly on the toast you’ll end up with a crumbly broken mess and it will taste of sadness and broken millennial dreams (just kidding, it will still taste good but won’t look very nice). I use a potato masher or pastry cutter instead of a fork.

Get creative with your add-ins and toppings

-Chopped fresh rosemary, thyme, basil, dill or parsley are all good with avocado.

-Add some protein. I love a fried egg with a runny yolk, fresh Dungeness crab, tuna salad, grilled chicken, lamb or steak.

-Mix it up by adding micro greens, sprouts (pea sprouts are my favorite), arugula, mustard greens, or your favorite lettuce.

-Spice it up with your favorite hot sauce. I love adding a drizzle of Truff Hot Sauce to mine.

-Pickled thinly sliced red onions, fennel, and radishes are also a great flavor and texture add on.

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